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Seminar “The inclusion of children with autism and special education needs” invitation.



The article introduces the results of surveys conducted in Romania, emphasizing the fact that mainstream schools and teachers are not actually prepared to integrate autistic  children not because they do not want to, but because they lack the know how in this respect. Teachers are tolerant and open, there is specific legislation as to children with special educational needs, who are granted equal rights to education, still such children are sometimes considered to berude, uneducated and even non-cooperative.

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Data: 03.05.2016


PEH095 project implementation period was extended until 31 October 2016, following the signing of the addendum to the financing contract through financing facility PLUS.

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Date: 18.07.2016


„Learning together” (during the holidays) has come to life!  In July and August, we are developing the activity „Summer school” for the children in the project.

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Date: 08.08.2016


The project ”Developing strategies and policies to grant equal chances to children belonging to vulnerable groups” enabled Casa Corpului Didactic Bistrița-Năsăud to certify 2 training programmes „Techniques to efficiently integrate children with learning difficulties” and ”Techniques to mould the behaviour of special educational needs children”.

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