Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Bistrița-Năsăud (Bistrita-Nasaud County School Inspectorate) is a decentralized public authority of the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research (MENCS) acting in order to accomplish the objectives set in the provisions of Law 1/2011, with the subsequent modifications and additions, for pre-university education. By collaborating and cooperating with all the educational actors, by encouraging individual and group initiatives, Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Bistrița-Năsăud assures, promotes and supports a quality education system, based on European values and promoting equal chances through education. The connexed units: Casa Corpului Didactic (Teachers’ House), Palatul și Cluburile copiilor (Children’s Palace and Children’s Clubs) as well as Clubul Sportiv Școlar (the Sports School Club) coordinate their activity by directly interacting with Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Bistrița-Năsăud (Bistrita-Nasaud County School Inspectorate). All school can find support for their own development here!



Asociația Autism Europa Bistrița (Autism Europe Association, Bistrita- AAE) has been offering, ever since it was founded in 2007, information, awareness raising, counseling and educational services as well as training courses and sessions for the benefit of children with autism and autistic disorders, for the benefit of their parents, the professionals and the community. Since 2009, in the Resources and Reference Centre for Autism “The Little Prince” of AAE, we develop daily activities of recovery therapy, social and school integration activities, psychological counseling for children with autism and autistic disorders in Bistrita-Nasaud county and in neighbouring counties. Our association has implemented many educational projects and has concluded many partnerships with relevant public authorities, offering integrated services of recovery therapy, counseling, social and school integration services to direct beneficiaries as wellas to their families and to the members of their social group. AAE actively militates for the integration of children with TSA into mainstream education and issued, in 2012, the first specialty magazine on autism: 2 Elephants – a Magazine on autism. AAE is a member of FEDRA – The Federation for Rights and Resources for People with Autistic Disorders – since 2012.



Casa Corpului Didactic a județului Bistrița-Năsăud – CCD BN (Teachers’ House – Bistrita-Nasaud county) promotes innovation and reform in education, assures the framework for the professional and personal development of pre-university teachers, in connection with the professional standards for the profession of teacher, with the quality and professional competence standards and according to the national strategies and policies in education. By assuming the role of lifelong learning promoter and supporter, as well as by fostering personal development in accordance with teachers’ own needs and with the roles they assume, CCD BN offers teachers and educational managers, school inspectors and directors, auxiliary staff, permanent training opportunities through training programmes and  specific activities.



BISTRIȚA – NĂSĂUD COUNTY COUNCIL is the deliberative local public administration authority coordinating the activity of village, town and city councils in order to carry out public service on a county level. Bistrița – Năsăud County Council functions based on the Law nr. 215/2001, the law of public administration, with all the subsequent modifications and additions, and on the basis of the County Council’s organizing and functioning Regulations, approved by Decision nr. 40/29.08.2012 of the County Council. The attributes of the County Council are as follows:

a) organizing and setting the County Council’s specialty department, the public service and institutions on a county level, commercial companies and autonomous regies in the county;

b) the socio-economical development of the county;

c) managing the cultural assets of the county;

d) managing the subordinated public services;

e) interinstitutional cooperation;

f) other attributes in accordance with the law. (art. 91 in Law nr. 215/2001, with all the subsequent modifications and additions



Comprehensive School Nr. 4, Bistrita is a community school, open to European values, credible for the parents and the local community, which responds to all our students’ needs, including the special educational needs pupils, integrated in mainstream education. This is a school where quality education is highly rated, oriented towards developing key competences and stimulating cognitive, spiritual, interpersonal and social development. We support democratic values and practice, our students’ desire and ability to continue learning after graduating from school; we intend to achieve the development of successful and balanced personalities, tolerant, harmonious, creative and pragmatic, democratic European citizens able to adapt to an ever changing world.



STIFTELSEN RADARVEIEN is a foundation in Norway delivering services for day centre, work centre and assisted work for over 20 year-old disabled people and offers support to disabled people’s families and a leisure type centre. The main objective is offering adequate stimulating therapies to beneficiaries, training and development opportunities focused on teamwork, satisfaction and quality. The service quality is assured by the diversity of the employees’ professions: social educators, children’s caretakers, nurses, animators, therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, psycho-pedagogy specialists.